About us

We have been providing quality meat cutting and sausage making since 1997 in Summerland, focusing on organic and all natural meats and sausages since 2000. We use only naturally raised, free-range, grass fed and finished (grain free) meats in all of our products.

Owner Thomas Fischer has a Master’s Degree in food science, Germany’s top qualification in meat science and is a certified instructor. He has been in the meat industry for over 30 years. He studied for 8 years, taking many courses including marketing, food hygiene, slaughtering, meat cutting, sausage making, customer service and business management. He established Tom’s European Deli Ltd. production and retail store in 1997.

More and more people are understanding the importance of eating healthy. Following his heritage, he makes a number of tasty sausages all free of binders, MSG, breads or cereals, preservatives, and other chemicals or by-products. They are also low in salt and fat. Our goal is to get everyone to enjoy eating tasty, quality meats and sausages so they can benefit from living a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are like engines; what you put in determines how well it will run and for how long.

We supply quality, health conscious products at a reasonable cost to make eating well affordable for everyone.